3 Mistakes Counselors Make in the Classroom (and what to do instead!)


The top three classroom lesson mistakes school counselors make:


They don’t schedule their lessons in advance

I used to stress myself out by last-minute scheduling my lessons every month. This caused me to often be late and unprepared.


They don’t have a plan for their lessons

I know the feeling, I used to lose control of the class and didn't know how to redirect or engage them.


They don’t collect data

I never collected data in my class lessons, so even though I felt like they were making a difference, I had no way to actually measure their effectiveness.


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After this masterclass you will...

  • Eliminate the feeling of being stretched too thin and always running late with a stress-free schedule
  • Feel prepared knowing you have a classroom management plan that will simultaneously keep kiddos engaged

  • Feel confident in measuring the effectiveness of your class lessons with easy-to-use data tools


This Masterclass is a

must attend if...

  • You are a new school counselor who feels excited but overwhelmed at the thought of delivering school-wide classroom counseling lessons
  • You are a veteran school counselor who wants to switch up your class lessons systems but you’re not sure how
  • You are a school counselor who is bored with the same class lessons (and your students likely are too!)
  • You are a school counselor who wants to feel more confident and prepared in delivering classroom counseling lessons

Did you know that you can receive a PD certificate of attendance for my masterclass?

Share it with your admin to show how you have a plan for this year’s class lessons. Talk about starting the year off right!

I went from stressed to obsessed with classroom counseling lessons!

I love teaching classroom lessons... but that was not always the case

There is something special about getting to impact, and build a relationship with, every single kiddo on campus. While I love the close relationships I have with my small groups and individual counseling students, class lessons are the only time I am able to reach ALL students!

But I used to dread class lessons because I lacked confidence and felt unprepared.  How to schedule, plan, and teach class lessons was only briefly covered in my grad school classes. And classroom management was not covered at all!


When I landed my first counseling job, class lessons were my biggest struggle by far. But, eventually, I got to the point where I loved them. I definitely made some mistakes along the way, which is why I created this training for you.

This masterclass shares common mistakes and struggles I hear from counselors and provides easy to implement strategies to use instead!

I promise if you attend this masterclass your students are going to be blown away at how fun your class lessons are this year (and you’ll feel more confident and prepared knowing you have classroom management strategies and data tracking tools to back you up)!