How to use a meet the counselor activity to engage students and advocate for your role!


FREE Meet The Counselor lesson included just for attending live!


In this training, you'll learn:


The ins and outs of my favorite meet the counselor activity

Learn how to organize, set up, and deliver a perfect meet the counselor lesson 


How to use a meet the counselor lesson to ensure that you impact more students

By explaining exactly what your role is, and how students can connect utilize your services you will reach more students and have a larger impact


How to use a meet the counselor lesson with faculty to advocate for your position

Learn how to edit the meet the counselor activity so it can be better used with faculty and staff


You’re about to start the year by reaching more students than ever before! 

When students know what services you offer and how to contact you they will feel more comfortable reaching out. When faculty finally understand what the job of a school counselor is (and isn't) they will send more and better referrals.

Taking the stigma out of "going to see the counselor" is vital to a thriving school counseling program and an effective meet the counselor lesson is one of the best tools for getting started on the right foot. 


This live training is a

must attend if...

  • You are a new school counselor who is looking to introduce yourself and program to new faculty and students
  • You are a counselor who feels overwhelmed with referrals and tasks that are not part of your role as a counselor
  • You are a veteran counselor who is feeling burnt-out and unappreciated
  • You are looking for ways to reach more students and advocate for your role

A Note From Rachel...

Starting the year with an effective meet the counselor lesson has been a gamechanger for my program!

Let's face it, even if you have been at your school for years there are still students and faculty that do not know what counselors do. That is why starting the year with a meet the counselor lesson is vital no matter where you are in your counseling journey. 

By outlining exactly what your responsibilities are, what situations you are available to help with and what isn't a good fit for your program you will set clear expectations and take the confusion out of your program. 

Whatever the reason is that you’re looking into this… I get it. If you’re ready to enhance your counseling program and advocate for your position so you can feel confident and valued, I want to help you get there faster with this simple lesson. The best part? I will be giving my favorite meet the counselor lesson away for free to everyone that attends!