We are celebrating IMPACT's 2nd birthday in style! The Ultimate Small Group Experience is a three-day-long virtual school counseling workshop that is FREE for IMPACT members. We have a guest speaker, live Q&A sessions, giveaways, and breakout groups!









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The trainings are pre-recorded so you can watch them at your own pace but there are going to be awesome LIVE Q&A sessions so try to block off the time to follow along with us in real time! HINT: We are going to be doing giveaways for members that show up to the live calls!  Check out the full schedule below. 

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 As a member of IMPACT you will also have unlimited access to 300+ ready to use counseling resources at no additional cost! The membership already has 25 small groups included and new resources are added every month!



With nearly a decade of experience, a highly rated school counseling podcast, and an engaged online community, I am passionate about helping school counselors increase their impact and advocate for their role.

I know what it’s like to feel stretched too thin, unappreciated, and overwhelmed. I wished I had more time to run small groups, plan class lessons, and effectively track data.

That’s why I created IMPACT, a membership for school counselors just like you who want to change kids’ lives without the headache and hassle of creating everything from scratch.

"I love the easy grab and go activities that are impactful and relevant, which makes school counseling a snap. Creating a data driven school counseling program is now totally accessible. IMPACT has been a life saver for me as a first-year counselor. Thank you Rachel!" 

Vicki, first-year counselor

"I love how easy it is to use and how it decreases so much of my stress on what I am doing with all three tiers."

 Jessica, IMPACT member since 2021

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