Free Training:

Create a Summer SEL Toolkit - Thrive Instead of Survive at the End of the Year!

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In this training, you'll learn:


How to wrap up the school year with ease 

Tie up loose ends by consolidating your data and using group closure techniques 


How to create a Summer Support Plan for students

 Connect students with community resources over the summer months


How to provide parents and caregivers a SEL toolkit 

Give parents an SEL tookit so you can extend your reach and close the gap between each year

This training is a

must attend if you've ever thought...

  • "The end of the school year is so stressful!"
  • "I wish my students' parents were on board with counseling"
  • "My students need help from more than just me!"

A Note From Rachel...

Wrap up the school year with ease and enjoy your summer knowing your students are supported!

Every counselor I know is constantly thinking about their students (even after contract hours!)

Summertime is no different. If you're anything like me you're probably torn between setting firm boundaries while wanting to support your students' mental health and wellbeing over the summer.

A Summer SEL Toolkit for parents and caregivers is the solution to extend your reach without extending your boundaries! You're going to love this. 

Whatever the reason is that you’re looking into this… I get it. I want to inspire you to try something new to help your students! 

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